6 Signs You Need Agency Project Software

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You know it’s time to invest in agency project software when you find yourself unable to answer basic questions about what’s going on inside your advertising agency or ad department. Here are some points you might be scratching your head over:

  1. What did clients ask for? If you can no longer keep track of all client queries, cost estimates, projects, or billings, you need to take a serious look at agency project software.
  2. Who’s available? Don’t know which of your staff are fully booked and which have slack in their schedule? Agency project software can reveal availability to you in seconds.
  3. Who’s busy with what? You need to know where you are with each and every project. Agency project software will tell you at a glance, without interrupting workers to ask.
  4. What should staff be busy with? Knowing how far ahead or behind people are with their work will help you track your progress and minimise emergencies. Another strength of agency project software.
  5. Did everyone submit their time? Can you account for every minute spent on billable work? Or is that valuable time being lost? Agency project software easily reconciles allocated to actual time.
  6. Are you billing everything? Time means nothing if it hasn’t been monetised, billed and collected. Good agency project software doesn’t just monitor projects – it helps you manage income too.

Are you getting to the point where you can’t keep track of everything that’s going on from day to day in your dynamic environment? Then it’s a sure sign you need a better system for working. Chase is an excellent option. It’s not only agency project software – it offers a whole lot more functionality too. Ask for a demo from our web site and we’ll show you what it can do for you.

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