7 Benefits of Automating Your ​Advertising Agency

The Web is full of tips and tricks from management gurus on how to run a better business. Advertising agency leaders often fall for the hype but the best advice any businessperson can heed is ”get back to basics”.

Every start-up advertising agency evolves a set of hard-and-fast management processes. Over time however, those processes may start to unwind. Rules aren’t adhered to as strictly as they once were. Admin tasks are skipped to focus on meatier work. Maybe even approvals are bypassed.

The result is a lesser business that loses money, either directly (late timesheet or higher costs) or implicitly (missed opportunities).

The top ‘’super strategies’’ pale to a tightly-controlled set of business management basics. And the best way to enforce your business processes is to run them automatically through a purpose-built advertising agency management system.

There are many benefits to this approach:

  1. You solidify the foundation of your business. Codifying your rules and processes means your business will run intelligently and with no intention. No more flying by the seat of the pants.
  2. Business rules are enforced for you. It’s impossible for a human but agency management software has no problem remembering hundreds of intricate rules and ensuring each is enforced.
  3. You’ll notice where things don’t match up. Conflicting rules and clashing processes bring confusion and frustration to employees, impacting their output. Once they’re in your system, you’ll spot mistakes quickly and develop better, more efficient operations.
  4. Management and workers are accountable. With your rules and processes cast in stone, your agency management system holds employees to your standards through alerts and workflows that manage work for you.
  5. There’s a clear chain of command. An agency management system clearly outlines the advertising agency’s management hierarchy, ensuring the approval process is fast and efficient.
  6. You’re more protected. Automatically applied business rules like client limits, purchasing limits, or segregation of duties can keep you out of hot water.
  7. You get the chance to build an even better advertising agency. While automation gives you more control, it also accumulates data about daily operations. You can use that information to decide what works best for your firm and what needs to be improved.

There are many more fine-grained benefits to automating your business basics. But at the end of the day it comes down to one thing: confidence that your agency is running the way you intended. When that happens you can seek ways to improve, knowing that the foundation is right.

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