7 Great Reasons to Train Your Staff in Chase.

Without a doubt, training your staff to use Chase correctly will help you run your business better. Whether they’re new arrivals at the agency or they’re old hands at using the system, regular training and review will do wonders for them. Here’s our list of 7 great reason to train your users in Chase:


Every operation in Chase is geared towards greater output. If each user knows the full set of features available for their agency role, they’ll get more done every day.


Chase is packed with time-saving features that help your staff finish tasks quicker. But if they don’t know about them, they won’t be able to take advantage of them.


If workers learn to use the Resource Planner, Cost Estimates or any other Chase feature through trial and error, you’ll lose valuable time that’s needed to meet deadlines.


When your employees know how Chase should work, they’ll be less prone to making mistakes or leaving out important information that’s needed by other personnel downstream.


Chase’s workflow system moves work efficiently between activities. If one of the people in the process doesn’t know how to operate the system correctly, it doesn’t only slow them down – everyone who follows has to wait too.


Chase constantly evolves with the times. Often, a feature appears that offers a new way of getting work done. An example is the Kanban module which manages projects by available capacity rather than a classic work schedule. Getting users up to speed on these upgrades means you’ll quickly realise the benefits they deliver.


Raising support queries for trivial questions can hold up work while an employee seeks an answer from Chase Support. If they’re well trained on Chase, they’ll be able to get on with it and leave the support tickets for critical issues.

Training your staff on Chase will ensure you’re taking advantage of the full power of the system and avoiding unnecessary problems. In this month’s issue of Cut to the Chase, Jamie offers his thoughts on the topic, and in our 2nd blog post, we’ll be listing all the available ways to learn Chase. Look out for them.

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