7 Tips for Great Agency Project Management

There are many articles on the web offering tips for great project management. Almost every one we’ve read includes the advice: don’t micromanage. But if you’re a project manager at an advertising agency, you eat tight deadlines for breakfast. And micromanaging is perhaps the only way to make sure you’re on target. Good news: it doesn’t have to be.


Here are the Chase tips for great project management:

Have a system and stick to it

Actually, we’ve done this one for you. Chase has all the project management tools an agency PM will need, integrated into the project management process.

Check your resources

Unlike temporary projects, agency project managers have a proven team with the right skills for the job. But how overloaded are they? Chase can help you check that work is balanced across resources and identify bottlenecks in resource utilisation.

Take time to plan

Planning the blow-by-blow activities to meet requirements is essential to project management. But planning is often a rush job. Take the requisite time to break down work while considering all the variables and risks.

Use your data

Agency project managers can never have too much real-time information. Chase provides an abundance of reports for job bags, types of work being performed, and time tracking. Its integrated time tracking tools and real-time screen updates keep you in the loop throughout.

Use Chat

Use messaging technology to touch base with workers – it’s much less confrontational than checking up on them directly. Chase Chat lets you talk to other staff members easily, but it also lets Chase send you important updates on project activities.

Develop your skills

Whether you’re a seasoned project manager or you’re just starting out, always be learning. Project management methodologies are constantly evolving. Chase Software offers a great training programme and materials to help you get the most from Chase’s project management tools.

Build the culture

To make project management work, it’s important to get buy-in from management and staff alike. Chase builds the culture for you because it becomes the campfire around which your tribe huddles.


If you’ve got the right system, project management doesn’t have to be a micromanagement nightmare. Instead of you checking up that work is being done, that information comes right to you.


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