7 Ways To Turn Your Staff Into Chase Gurus

For many workers, paper is still their first choice for recording notes and tracking progress. The second is probably Excel – it’s the go-to software for casual control. But when it comes to running your agency, you need a proper agency management system.

If you’ve just invested in Chase, you might sometimes encounter resistance from existing or new staff to use its many features instead of doing things “the old way”.

There’s really only one way to overcome resistance to change and that’s to build familiarity as quickly as possible. Make Chase a part of the team by letting staff get to know the system like a colleague.

Our recommendation: training. It’s still the best way to win buy-in because when users understand the functions, their trust levels go up exponentially.

So here’s some ideas on how to bring familiarity with Chase to your agency and turn everyone into a Chase Guru.

Sell the sizzle. You’ve heard the copywriter’s anthem: “Sell the sizzle, not the steak.” Train personnel on the benefits of using Chase correctly, not only for the agency but for them personally – how it makes their lives easier in the long run.
Train the trainer. Staff feel less threatened asking for advice from peers. There’s often one or two bright sparks in your agency who start using new features effortlessly. Look out for them. When you spot one, train them up on everything Chase has to offer plus any new features. When others see them using the system intelligently, they’ll be motivated to learn more from them and won’t feel intimidated asking for instructions. The results are:
○ Competency spreads through your agency like a meme
○ Staff start discussing features and learning from each other
○ The system becomes part of the team
Involve your Chase Account Manager. Chase Account Managers are knowledgeable about all Chase’s features. When you’re stuck, ask them to show your staff the ropes.
Send them to Chase Academy. Chase Software offers certification through several short courses, including :
Client Service Management. For client services staff – learn to capture client requirements, like job briefs and amendments. Details here.
Resource Management (Traffic). For traffic managers – learn to track people and time efficiently and effectively using Chase’s Traffic Management tools. Details here.
Production & Finance Management. For managers – learn to manage production, expenses and income through Chase. Details here.
Management Reporting. For business owners, managers and analysts – learn to use Chase’s reporting features to run the agency efficiently. Details here.
The Administrator’s Course. For system administrators – Learn to configure and administer Chase to meet the agency’s needs. Details here.
Special training courses. Chase trainers can train your staff at your premises, at Chase Software’s offices in Johannesburg or Cape Town, or through remote video classes. Read more here.
User manuals. Chase has user manuals for each of its modules with step-by-step instructions. Ask your Account Manager for details.

By training your people on both the benefits and functionality of the system, you’ll see them quickly become Chase Gurus. And your agency will be the ultimate winner in productivity gains.

Click here to request training for your agency, or get more details from your Account Manager.

If you’re not a Chase user and you’d like to find out more, request a demo here.

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