8 Great Features of Business Intelligence

Here’s a bit of business 101 for you – you can make too many sales. Sure, it sounds counterintuitive. But if demand soars and you don’t have the resources to meet it, you could face an exodus of disgruntled clients. More than a few companies have closed their doors because they couldn’t handle the success!

What about you? Can you greet an upswing gracefully? Or a downturn? What’s going on right now operationally? What should you do next strategically?

Some of these answers can be deduced from your financial reports. But for the full picture, you need Business Intelligence. Business Intelligence is computer software that helps you take a big-picture look at your agency data for total situational awareness of your business.

With the right Business Intelligence system, you can make better decisions and plan for the future based on hard facts. So what will Business Intelligence give you that standard financial or management reports don’t? Here are 8 great features BI offers in no specific order:

1. Visualisations. Business Intelligence views appear on screen, not paper. So you can filter and rearrange information to meet your needs. Plus, BI systems provide many visual cues to highlight important facts and trends.
2. Slicing & dicing. Rigid report layouts give you little to work with. Business Intelligence lets you categorise, group and dimension information in powerful ways that reveal hidden insights.
3. Drill downs. Ever wished you could see the details behind a piece of information without having to run another report? BI can do just that. Click on an item and watch it expand into the underlying data from which it came.
4. Charts. Being a visual system, Business Intelligence offers a wealth of chart types that make complex data much easier to understand.
5. KPIs. BI systems don’t just make reports. You can set up measurements for good performance (Key Performance Indicators) and test actual output against them, per employee or business unit.
6. Interactive dashboards. Business Intelligence can put everything about your business on one screen for a handy, real-time command console. Very Star Trek.
7. Automated alerts. Set limits for key measurements and your Business Intelligence system will sound a warning when you hit them.
8. Sharing & collaboration. Modern BI systems allow you to analyse your data with other key team members without having to leave your desk.

Incidentally, Chase Insight is an incredible Business Intelligence system that hooks straight into Chase. With it, you’ll get the 8 great features above and much more. Moreover, Chase Insight puts all of them at your fingertips without the high cost and complexity of typical Business Intelligence installations. That’s because Chase Insight is preconfigured around the needs of the advertising agency.

If you’re not using Chase Insight, give us some of your time for a full demo. You’ll be amazed.

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