A Note from Jamie.

We’ve developed a thick skin over the years. Yup, we’re no strangers to criticism and we’ve had our fair share. “Your platform is old”, “your user interface is staid”, “and the flow is clunky”. We’ve heard it all.  Sometimes we reach for a pinch of salt. More often though, those observations get our serious attention. In the very competitive world of software systems, we have to keep fresh, cutting edge and cool. It’s a never-ending cycle of rebrand, rejuvenate, refresh.

At Chase Software, our first concern is always stability. We use proven technologies in Chase AMS that just work. Technologies like Microsoft .NET, an incredible software framework upon which Chase is built. Under development since 2002, it’s a super reliable component that provides all the basic functions a modern enterprise application needs. It’s all about what’s under the hood.

Eventually, though, it comes time to replace the hood.

Last issue, we talked about our new corporate ID. Soon, we’ll be rolling out a new look and feel for the Chase application that encompasses that fresh branding. This will tie in strongly with our mobile application – currently in beta testing and on its way to you soon. Which also links up with our latest version of Chase, choc full of new features.

It continues to be an exciting time for us. New features, new look and feel, new offices in Nairobi. We’re keeping the accelerator floored to ensure you continue to get the best product and service.

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