Accountability is the key to success.

Out the mouth of our Chief Support Officer: Rupesh Khusal

Accountability is an assurance that an individual or an organisation will be evaluated on their performance or behaviour related to something for which they are responsible. It involves being answerable to all stakeholders for all actions and results – and this includes accountability to clients.

Employees have a responsibility to successfully complete a task or to at least explain why they failed to do so. We all have our integral part to play, regardless of our role or influence within the organisation. This could include employer to employee, manager to subordinate, client to supplier – all bi-directional.

Accountability is quality we all possess – a mind-set, a tool or even a skill set. Regardless, it’s the condition of being responsible for what we do and, don’t do.

Success or failure is a measure of our ability to own accountability within our role in the bigger scheme of any business. Easier said than done, but can it really be that simple?

Here are 4 ways to influence others:

Be accountable to expect accountability

Lead by example, it’s contagious. Far too often we use accountability as a punishing stick and the recipient within the relationship can only coil one way, that’s inward. Showing that you take full responsibility for your decisions teaches others around you and the results are evident – it builds a culture of accountability.

Own it either way

We all want full accountability when things go ‘RIGHT’, but what about when things go ‘WRONG’? It’s harder to admit accountability when things go wrong, but it builds character. You need to be uncomfortable in order to grow. Once you own your commitment either way, when it goes ‘RIGHT’, the sense of self-fulfillment is far more rewarding.

Acquaint yourself with your power

We already have the power to be 100% accountable, problem comes in when it’s not realised or admitted that we alone have the power to manage our lives and careers. The endless opportunities possibly scare most and sometimes we consciously choose to give away those opportunities. Use your power to control your area of influence, you’re allowed to.

Accountability in action

Understand, plan, execute!

First Understand what you need to achieve. It’s impossible to fulfill a task successfully if you don’t even understand the task and outcome required. Ask questions, make sure, interrogate, and choose to measure twice before you act on your decision. It will direct your accountability.

Plan properly – break KPIs, goals and targets into daily, weekly and monthly chunk sizes, with fully understanding the impact of each. It will build your accountability.

Then Execute – Knowledge is power, but not without action. Now that you understand what’s required and a solid plan to deliver, you need to execute. Don’t leave work until daily chuck sizes are done, they all add up, otherwise they pile up leaving you in dire straits. Don’t procrastinate, participate in your own success by owing it. It will reflect your measure of accountability.

The higher you are on the ladder, the more accountable and productive you are.

No matter where you find yourself right now, this will always be the measure that will determine your future success or failure. Own it!