Advertising in the Age of Fortune Telling

You know times are changing when a technology giant like IBM gets into advertising.

As reported last month in an article from Advertising Age, the lesser-known IBM Interactive Experiences (iX) recently acquired Resource/Ammirati, a US digital creative shop with branches in Columbus, New York and Chicago.

Judging by this tweet from Nancy Kramer, founder and chairman of Resource/Ammirati, the agency couldn’t be happier.

And if you take a look at IBM iX’s landing page, you’ll see that this won’t be their last advertising acquisition either.

So what’s IBM up to? As you may know, one of the company’s flagship products is the Watson cognitive computing system. In short, Watson can access almost unlimited amounts of public information, crunch the numbers, and produce accurate predictions of future trends. For the long version, look here.

This excerpt from IBM iX’s About page gives us a notion of their mission: “… in order to grow in the digital era, businesses need to do more than keep up – they must predict future trends and act on ideas.” For advertising, Watson is the ideal platform to make that happen.

iX can create compelling interactive digital advertising experiences based on its assessments of the future. Even more, they’ll provide reliable strategic direction for their clients. They call themselves “a next-generation services company, dedicated to creating transformative ideas that get our clients to the future first.”

If iX is the template for future advertising, agencies will head down one of 3 paths:

  1. Acquire better digital and predictive capabilities (Watson is open to paid use over the Cloud, by the way)
  2. Be acquired by an organisation with digital and predictive capabilities
  3. Partner with organisations who provide these capabilities

Don’t even contemplate the 4th option – staying the same and hoping for the best.

Regardless of the path your advertising agency finds itself on in the Digital-Predictive Era, it will need to be fast and nimble enough to win new business in a complex technological environment.

So if you’re still using paper and pen, spreadsheets or any other manual system to run your agency, now is the time to upgrade. You need an automated advertising management system with full-feature project management capabilities to give you the velocity to stay ahead of the pack. Chase is a great choice. Contact us today to set up a demo.

If you’re already using Chase, please make sure you know the system inside out so you enjoy the maximum benefits. Your Account Executive will help you realise its full potential.

‘Til next time.

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