How to measure Software Development Productivity.

28 September 2018

Long hours and millions of lines of code are not always good indicators on how productive a development team is, especially if they’re working on complex projects. So how does one measure software development productivity ? AndPlus operations director Jonathan Roger sums it up well: “Software team productivity is an inherently difficult thing to put […]


Don’t be left behind – agencies need to change.

30 August 2018

Financial pressure, data, customer demands, talent, technology—all these are changing rapidly. The actual questions to ask are: What will agencies have to do to stay ahead of this incessantly shifting industry? And what does the agency of tomorrow look like, anyway? No soothsayer can tell what any one agency will look like. But what we […]


Turning relationships into revenue.

25 July 2018

Technology is disrupting most industries and has had an enormous impact on the agency industry. Today’s clients are expecting more and agencies have to become more collaborative, integrated and data-driven to remain competitive. Agencies are now turning to CRM systems and applications that are designed to manage and maintain customer relationships, track engagements and sales, […]


Rising above the rest.

27 June 2018

Imagine having a 30,000 foot strategic view of your business, especially whilst trying to keep head above water when starting an agency. Strategic visibility helps with analysis and planning to make better business decisions. Chase is a business class, end-to-end agency management system that makes this possible, it helps agencies gain a competitive advantage and […]


Choosing the Right Software for your Agency.

6 June 2018

Companies used to spend millions on advertising and through channels that could never provide accurate reports, let alone a reliable return on investment. The advertising world has changed dramatically over the past two decades, the advent of automated software tools has changed the landscape of advertising forever. With automated software tools, agencies can now better […]


Q&A with Chase Consulting.

23 May 2018

This month we’ve looked at how Chase Consulting can help your agency run better. In this post, we’re chatting with Genevieve Theart, our resident business analyst and head of Chase Consulting. Chase PR: In a nutshell, what do you do for Chase Software’s clients? GT: Not all our customers use Chase to its full potential […]


Give Your Agency a Performance Makeover.

11 May 2018

Allow Chase Consulting the opportunity to review your business model and within 2 sessions you’ll start to experience greater performance as an agency.  We’re confident of this because we’ve already helped many of our clients successfully transform into lean, mean creative machines. Understanding your business. The secret is to stop and take a long, hard […]


How to Learn Chase.

25 April 2018

In this month’s first blog post , we gave you some great reasons to get trained up on Chase. Then, in our newsletter , Jamie discussed the need to offer training when onboarding new employees and when new Chase features appear. Now, let’s review the types of training we offer and how you can get to them. […]


7 Great Reasons to Train Your Staff in Chase.

11 April 2018

Without a doubt, training your staff to use Chase correctly will help you run your business better. Whether they’re new arrivals at the agency or they’re old hands at using the system, regular training and review will do wonders for them. Here’s our list of 7 great reason to train your users in Chase: Productivity […]


How to Create a Support Request in the Customer Support Portal.

22 March 2018

This month, we’ve been looking at Chase Software’s Customer Support Portal. We’ve discussed it’s benefits  and what makes it a great support channel . But how do you actually use it? That’s what this post is about. We’ll focus on raising and tracking your support requests. Login screen Before you can use the Customer Support Portal, you’ll […]