Careers at Chase

Working at Chase

At Chase we are passionate about what we do. We don’t believe in half measures in our work or play, for that matter. We have values that we live by – respect, loyalty, integrity and dedication.

• Respect for our peers and the environment around us.
• Loyalty to the team
• Dedication to the task and good work ethic
• Integrity and honesty in our service

We are more than just a company but rather a very diverse family. If you want to be considered to become a Chaser, you need to believe in the same values.

Become a Chaser

Chase is growing and so we are constantly on the look-out for people with the right skills to join the family. We have a team of developers and different technical support departments – onsite and off-site. If you have IT technical experience and basic finance knowledge, we might just have a spot for you at Chase. For our latest open positions please visit the following link: Available Positions