7 Tips for Great Agency Project Management

22 June 2016

There are many articles on the web offering tips for great project management. Almost every one we’ve read includes the advice: don’t micromanage. But if you’re a project manager at an advertising agency, you eat tight deadlines for breakfast. And micromanaging is perhaps the only way to make sure you’re on target. Good news: it […]


How to bill every timesheet on time

1 February 2016

If time is money, a timesheet is the paper it’s printed on. Especially for companies whose income revolves around billable effort. So why do so many agencies still struggle to keep track of those precious hours? Sadly, ensuring each timesheet finds its way to the traffic manager is largely a matter of discipline. Creatives are […]


Improved Campaign Management

28 October 2015

This feature minimises human error and makes the Client Service function much easier when creating a Job Bag. You can use it to shortlist the available Campaign names once a product has been selected. It provides a way to restrict certain users from selecting other non-related campaigns. In the case where Campaigns are only created […]


Capture time directly from My Tasks

16 July 2015

In the past, if you forgot to capture your time against a task, it was a round trip all the way back to the Timesheets window. You’d have to select the right week and capture time as usual. Those days are gone. A dandy new addition to the My Tasks window lets you capture time […]



16 February 2015

Question: How do I add a digital Signature to a document through Chase? Answer: In the past you’d have to print a document, sign it, scan it, and then upload it to Chase to add a signature. Our new signature feature lets you add your signature to a document directly from inside Chase. Just follow […]