A command center for agencies, Chase Insight is the business intelligence tool for gaining strategic insight and visibility across your business

Exciting features to look out for in Chase Insight

  • Reporting Tool

    Dashboard views, automated exception reports and customisation give you full reporting control

  • Seamless Integration

    Integration with Dynamics 365 and Chase to report on revenue and margin figures with accuracy 

  • Financial Management

    Scheduled profitability reports, aged WIP management and unbilled reports empower your team

  • Time Management

    Analyse time spend both on clients and internally, identify issues and make informed decisions

  • Retainer Management

    Comparing planned time against actual time keeps retainers profitable. Goodbye over-serviced clients!

The new normal will be defined by the decisions we make now. Needing an essential operational solution versus just wanting one will be the separating factor between effective productivity and playing catch-up at the end of the day.
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Valuable Insights within reach

​Leveraging the rich data sources of Chase Production and Nexus Media, we're able to create insightful and effective reporting ensuring that the right information gets to the right people when they need it most.

This ensures a proactive approach to key areas such as job profitability, open orders and un-billed job management.

Scheduled reports are used to automate report delivery to key recipients on a cyclical basis and ensure nothing is missed.

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Insight Employees

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