Chase Nexus Media


The Chase Nexus Media system provides the Most Modern and Comprehensive set of tools for running a Media Agency.

We have been actively developing systems for media agencies since 2002, and as a result we are fully equipped to deal with the volume and complexity associated with Media planning and buying, and the often complex calculations associated with client and supplier deal structures.

We are customer focused, passionate about what we do, and constantly evolving our system to meet the needs of the changing advertising industry.

Our system provides our clients with cutting edge media buying, planning & financing tools. These tools allow for quicker loading of media placements, automatic copy Instruction / flighting instruction, revision management and more, all from a simple to use interface.

Other great features include:

Searching and Filtering

Find the exactly item you’re looking for effortlessly with the help of our powerful search engine, or find a set of records by making use of focused in grid filtering and sorting.

Approval Workflow

Follow corporate governance by separating responsibilities within your team.

Responsive Design

Our application can be accessed from any device, be it desktop, tablet or mobile.

Dynamic Reporting

Simple straight forward reporting, with build it export to Excel or Pdf functionality.

For more information contact us and we will gladly assist you.