Choosing the Right Software for your Agency.

Companies used to spend millions on advertising and through channels that could never provide accurate reports, let alone a reliable return on investment. The advertising world has changed dramatically over the past two decades, the advent of automated software tools has changed the landscape of advertising forever.

With automated software tools, agencies can now better understand the performance of every campaign, the behaviour of specific users and through the intelligence gathered, create the fastest funnel for revenue.

The goal of automated software is to optimise workflows and processes to make the agency more efficient. It encourages positive client and partner interactions and helps the team keep focused on big picture.

Project dashboards and account reporting are two key features that create efficiency. These features enable a top-down and bottom-up view of what stage all projects are in, who owns them and who they’re going to next. This type of insight encourages greater organisation, especially when paired with task management and time tracking capabilities that quantify the time spent on each task of each project.

The benefits of adopting advertising agency software is enormous, one can capture a complete snapshot of the status of your current projects, drill down to see where each project is at in its task life cycle and easily identify who owns the tasks at that stage.

Agencies can now record time spent working on projects for accurate billing to clients. They can track project timelines, workflows and life cycles to pinpoint any bottlenecks. More importantly, they can analyse the status of a project during a bottleneck to determine and overcome the cause.

In addition, they can easily manage key documents such as price estimates, media buys, client invoices, and creative media. Agency software allows agencies to effectively communicate and share valuable information internally and with clients. Establish notifications and timelines for check-ins to keep all parties informed and projects on task.

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