Learning Material

Chase has several training resources available to explain a particular Chase functionality which include the following:

User Manuals

Our detailed user manuals explain every operation in Chase step-by-step.

Send an email to support@chasesoftware.co.za and we will supply you a link to our user manuals.

Training Videos

Training videos are aimed at teaching and individual within a particular team, all they need to know to function within Chase.

Send an email to support@chasesoftware.co.za and we will supply you a link to our video library.


Our online interactive training tool is designed to help you learn the Chase system without having a physical trainer present. It’s perfect for those who are new to Chase.

  • It provides role-specific courses.
  • It’s easy to follow.
  • It’s convenient to access.

Send an email to training@chasesoftware.co.za and enroll today.

Remote Support

To connect remotely with our support team and obtain step-by-step assistance on a particular function at the comfort of your own desk. Just call our Support Centre and they’ll be happy to assist you.