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In the past, you only had the option to upload documents to your Chase FTP site before being able to attach them to a transaction.

But many documents now reside on sites across the Web. You don’t want to make a copy to upload because it could get out of sync when the original is changed. And getting the latest copy of all your active documents every time they change would be a nightmare.

So Chase now lets you link to a document without having to upload it first. This works for HTTP and FTP links, as long as you have permission to access the web location. It can save you a lot of trouble when it comes to file size restrictions. And you can view your file live on the Web.

Follow the normal steps for adding a new document. Either Add New -> Ext Doc or from a document, click the Attach Document button. The New External Document dialogue will pop up as usual.

Notice the traditional Upload Document radio button and the new Document Link radio button. Select Document Link and enter the document’s URL in the text box below it.

When clicking on the document, instead of it being opened in Chase’s viewer, you’ll be taken to the URL in your web browser. So you’ll be looking at the very latest version.

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