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So this month, we listed all the ways you can get support for Chase  and Jamie discussed our vital human approach to the process. Let’s round off our investigation of the topic with a Q&A from someone with their ear close to the ground. We caught up with Chase’s General Manager, Rupesh Khusal, to get his insights on Chase’s support function:

Chase PR: How much does support cost for Chase?

Rupesh: There’s no extra cost. It’s all included in the service fee because support is a key component of any software system.

Chase PR: What’s included in the term “support”?

Rupesh: It includes any technical or usage queries, report queries, new user training requests, upgrades or system maintenance. But special needs like application customisation and additional training sessions are excluded. If a customer is uncertain whether their need falls within the scope of included support, their account manager will be able to clarify it for them.

Chase PR: Which is the best way to get support?

Rupesh: Of all the channels, there’s a best way and an easiest way. The easiest is to email with a thorough description of the problem. The best way, however, is to visit the Customer Support Portal. This is our online self-service system that has the benefit of allowing customers to track their support ticket’s progress.

Chase PR: Just how good is the support system?

Rupesh: Considering that the Support Center resolves 97% of the 900 to 1000 tickets it receives in the same month, we’re ahead of industry standards. We have many processes in place to ensure that we respond promptly to queries, including an automated escalation procedure for anything that sits stagnant for too long. More than that, we use both internal and customer-submitted evaluations to ensure we’re always improving our performance.

Chase PR: What else do customers need to know about support?

Rupesh: I believe it would be that we’re serious about offering excellent support and we have fail safes in place to ensure we do. Support is so integral to Chase that we’re constantly looking for ways to make it easier and faster for customers to get the answers they need.

There you have it. At Chase Software, support is as important as developing the products themselves. In March, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of the Customer Support Portal and how to use it properly. So stay tuned for next month’s posts and newsletter.

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