Getting Support for Chase.

We’ve made Chase as user-friendly and intuitive as possible but there are still times when you’ll hit a snag, either because you’re not sure how to perform a function or because of a technical problem. This is when our support system becomes invaluable. Let’s take a look at how it works.


The easiest way to get support is to email our dedicated Support Center team at, but there are other ways. Here’s the full list:

  • Email support. You’ll find several support email addresses here , each for a different aspect of Chase. Just email the relevant one and our ticketing system will generate a ticket based on the information you provide, and keep track of it throughout its life cycle until complete. Unlike the Chase Support Portal (discussed below), you won’t be prompted for this information so please include as much detail as possible – screenshots, logs, etc.
  • Phone support. Next, you’ll find our local and international Support Center numbers on our website and in all our email signatures. You can raise your query directly with a Support Center consultant and they’ll create a ticket for you, and possibly resolve your problem then and there.
  • Account managers. Your Chase account manager knows your business well, so keep them copied on any emails. This will give them visibility of your issues and help them push for rapid resolution of urgent queries. That way, we can keep you happy, which is what we strive for with all our clients.
  • Chase Support Portal. This is the best option because it gives you the ability to provide information that other methods don’t. Just click on the Chase Support Portal link and you’ll be taken to the support portal login page where you can log in and easily raise a support ticket yourself. You’ll be prompted for all your details and any required information, like screenshots, that can help our support team offer faster assistance. We’ll discuss the Chase Support Portal in more detail next month.
  • Knowledge base. If your query is not urgent, you can also use the handy topic search in the Chase Knowledge Base at to find answers in our detailed user guides.
  • Log a ticket through Chase. In Chase version 6.3.08 and above, you can log a support request directly from inside the application using the Log a ticket We’re busy rolling this feature out to all sites so, if you haven’t seen it yet, you soon will. The function complements existing channels, which are still crucial in many cases (for example, where logging in is not possible).

So those are all the ways you can get support for Chase. But what happens in the background? To find out, check out Jamie’s Note in this month’s Cut to the Chase as well as another revealing Q&A in our second blog post, this time with Chase Software’s GM, Rupesh Khusal.

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