Give Your Agency a Performance Makeover.

Allow Chase Consulting the opportunity to review your business model and within 2 sessions you’ll start to experience greater performance as an agency.  We’re confident of this because we’ve already helped many of our clients successfully transform into lean, mean creative machines.

Understanding your business.

The secret is to stop and take a long, hard look at your agency processes and practices, especially in terms of how you model Chase around your operations. But to do this correctly, you’ll need someone with the right agency management consulting experience and IT know-how. Someone who understands exactly how to identify systemic issues and the best solutions to apply. Yes, your account manager will help you fix isolated Chase problems at high speed. However, our inhouse agency business analyst and head of Chase Consulting, Genevieve Bos, will go through your entire company to ensure you’re running at your highest potential .

What you get.

Several decades of research into the problems agency managers face and the operational solutions we’ve developed and evolved in response to them gives Chase Consulting the edge over other consulting solutions.  We implement best practices for the management and execution of client services, production, finances, traffic, time, project management, and more. Once the engagement is complete, you’ll have an agency that performs at optimal levels. We’ll also fully document your policies and procedures, producing your official operating manual with which employees can be rapidly onboarded, trained and guided. They’ll know what you stand for, what they should and shouldn’t do, and how to perform their role correctly. Whether you run a tight ship or take a more relaxed approach, our solutions take your corporate culture and management philosophy into account.

Find out more.

So, if you’re excited about driving your business forward in today’s highly competitive world, contact Genevieve Bos directly at for more information. Also, look out of this month’s Cut to the Chase where Jamie will discuss our experience with best practices. And don’t miss our 2nd blog post for the month – we’ll be chatting with Genevieve herself about her recipe for success.


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