Is your advertising agency fighting fit?


We wish you a fantastic 2016!

To kick off, why not make it your New Year’s resolution to get your advertising agency fighting fit and menacingly lean?

Being a software company, we believe that the best way to do that is to start using the fantastic technologies available today. Of course, you’ll find many of them in the Chase Advertising Management system. So here are a few pointers to help you lose the pounds and pump up the power:

Use the right equipment

Last year, we wrote about how your accounting system might actually be costing you money. If you’re still using standard financial software to run your advertising agency, why not consider moving to a specialised advertising management application? The extra productivity gain (and accompanying profitability) is well worth it.

Go on a diet

To get energy-producing information flowing rapidly through your advertising agency, start by purging slow-moving documents and processes from your system. Spreadsheets, paper, physical job bags, decentralised software, and even one-to-one email conversations, will hamper your progress. Replace them with quickly-digested, information-rich electronic documents in a centralised system for rapid gains in output.

Have a system and stick to it

Automation is key to business efficiency while manual processing is a silent killer. Some tasks will always be done by hand but many – especially the ones that take your focus off profitable work – can be carried out by your computer system. Unfortunately, most advertising agencies only use about 10% of their system’s hidden capabilities. Find out what your system can do, set it up, and get it to work for you.

Use correct form

Applications are expertise in a box. For example, Chase’s project management, traffic management or cost estimating tools are based on decades of research into the best practices for advertising agencies. So your staff will be doing those tasks the right way. That means fewer mistakes and redoing the work at a cost.

Track your progress

Business Intelligence is a boon to any advertising agency. In addition to standard financial reports like Balance Sheet, Income Statement or Cash Flow Projection, you need industry-specific reports, views and analytical tools. These can inform your business strategy by revealing unknown opportunities, risks, strengths and weakness.

Get a coach

You can’t be an boffin in everything. So it’s often wise to ask for help. An expert in advertising management technology will give you the best advice for your unique business and help you reach your goals. At Chase, we have nearly 20 years total experience in the industry. So we’ve been solving advertising agency problems for a long time – maybe even before your company was born. We’re a great partner to have on board.


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