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A few years ago, I caught an episode of Dr Phil. It’s not really my kind of show but a particular segment got me thinking – and I’ve been reminded of it recently. The host was counselling a husband and wife who were deep in the red with their credit cards. They obviously earned well but credit spending had gotten the better of them. Now, they faced the prospect of not being able to pay off their debt – maybe losing everything. The contrast in attitude was astonishing…

The husband was repentant and his fear was apparent. He was ready to cut up his credit cards, curb his spending, and maybe sell some assets – anything to get out from under it.

But his wife was resistant. No matter how much Dr Phil tried to convince her that each item she bought on credit contributed to the accumulation of crushing debt, she couldn’t accept it. It was just one hairdo, just one manicure, one session at the spa, and so on, none of which were overly expensive in themselves. She just couldn’t see the big picture.

In today’s business world … every second counts. But often, we don’t see the big picture. An inefficient process here, an outstanding billing there, a report that takes time to read and analyse. In isolation, they don’t cost us much. But taken together over time, the accumulative effect can be crippling.

Luckily, as a Chase customer, you have an amazing piece of software that does one thing exceptionally well – it automates wasteful activities so you can get back to the business of making money. Here’s 5 ways Chase saves time:

  1. It automates work. Chase’s biggest strength is that it takes the work out of work. You can get more done by using every bit of the system to capacity.
  2. It automates communication. Chase takes care of many of the messages, alerts and notifications that used to be handled by phoning, composing emails manually or physically visiting clients.
  3. It automates precision. Human error is both time-consuming and costly. But with the checks and balances enforced by Chase, many common errors can be done away with.
  4. It automates authority. When things get complicated, you need large management hierarchies to keep it all running smoothly. Chase’s approval system, workflows, and project management tools mean you can keep management lean but still maintain control.
  5. It automates intelligence. Remember when your weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports took that amount of time to produce? Chase accumulates transactional data on the fly and produces actionable intelligence in real time, allowing you to make business-critical decisions in advance.

With Chase’s technology for getting work done fast, there’s never a reason to get into the red with time. But are you taking full advantage of it?

For example, the new proofing function featured in this issue can help you save not minutes but days and even weeks on a process that once required prolonged interaction to complete. Chase lets you do the same task online almost immediately.


If you need to solve a business process problem – or would like to know how Chase can make you even more efficient – please don’t hesitate to call on us for advice. The answer might be standing in your computer room.

Keep well.

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