Jamie’s Note

The Chase Way

Chase is more than a company. We’re a family. That includes you.

Come to our offices and you might think we really are related. We’re relaxed around each other. It’s the kind of informal environment where you can walk around barefoot. No biggie.

For us, building a family spirit is one of the paths to product and service excellence. Staff who feel comfortable around each other don’t have to hold back when it comes to getting things done properly. There’s trust. And when people trust each other, they can have a few skirmishes without holding a grudge. That’s good for business.

At the end of the day, loyalty and empathy keep us together and working as a team.

So how do we go about reinforcing that family spirit? Here are some stand out ways.

The Chase Conference

Our company conference has become an annual milestone that every Chaser looks forward to. We head off to a surprise location for a weekend, unload everyone, and let the fun begin. Team building activities, games and relaxing in the sun are all par for the course. We let go and have fun like only Chasers can. Oh, and there’s a conference somewhere in between.

Monthly all‐hands meetings

Our monthly informal company meeting is like no other. All departments in our Johannesburg office meet and have a conference call with our Cape Town branch. We share ideas, report progress, discuss problems ‐ really get everything out in the open. Then straight after it’s snacks and drinks.

Culture Clubs

Culture Clubs are small groups of Chasers who have similar interests. They meet every other month to have fun together. The book lovers read together. Theatre lovers watch the latest plays and movies together. The gamers play the latest online games. And the beer lovers ‐ which means most of the guys in the office ‐ drink beer.


We also hold quarterly company events where all business units ‐ Chase production, Chase Business Systems and Chase Media ‐ take part.

Those are just some of the activities we do together. Whether it’s having fun or openly sharing company matters, they’re great for building up a family spirit.

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