Jamie’s Note

We all move on one day. It’s inevitable that things in life will change. And we all want to leave behind a bit of ourselves, a bit of our legacy. Not that I’m thinking of changing anything any time soon because I love what I do, but I very much hope to leave a legacy one day.


When ad people think of legacies, names like Ogilvy & Mather, Leo Burnett, and Wieden+Kennedy come to mind. For the IT crowd, it’s Oracle, Microsoft or HP. These companies don’t have offices – they have “hallowed halls”.

Those who passed through them during their careers were indelibly influenced by them. Some moved on in a different direction and some struck out on their own adventures. Some stayed and rose through the ranks. For all, these great organisations were incubator for their budding careers.

But all of those companies started somewhere. David Ogilvy opened shop with a staff of two and no clients – and struggled to land any for a while. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard started HP from Packard’s garage. The founding stories of the rest are often similar.

Chase is that type of business. We were founded in a tiny office in Rivonia by an Adman and an Engineer, and we’ve become a thriving company. We also provide an environment that nurtures new – and advanced – careers. Whether they stay or move on, each employee leaves their mark on us just as we leave ours on them.

Because of that spirit of mutual growth, I have no doubt that we’ll leave behind a company that has become one of the greats. It gives me pride to know I’ll be part of a legacy.

So in this issue we introduce a new generation of recruits as we expand our reach in providing our market with the very best advertising management systems.

If you’re an older agency or ad department, you’ve probably seen your own generations arrive, move up the ranks or strike out on their own, while what you’ve built stands strong over the years. Why not head over to our Facebook page and share your experiences? We’d love to hear from you. And please, do Like us while you’re there.

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