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Welcome to the 50th edition! How time flies. We hope you’ve enjoyed our monthly newsletter as much as we’ve enjoyed producing it. Please let us know if there’s anything about Chase you’d like to see here. We look forward to hearing from you and building our relationship with you through this medium.

So let’s talk about relationships. All successful businesses rely on them, and nurturing them is as vital as building efficient processes.

Once, your sales reps were the only ones who knew everything about your customers’ needs. They built solid relationships with them, earned their trust, and became their sole interface with your company.

But if a rep resigned, that valuable information and trust walked out the door with them. And getting a replacement up to speed often meant a drop in sales.

Lesson: no one person should control customer satisfaction.

CRM – or Customer Relationship Management – has changed things for the better. Simply, CRM is a central database of customer requirements and the processes for satisfying them.

Many great CRM packages exist today, offering out-of-the-box functionality to start managing customer interactions.

Yet, something’s broken.

CRM suffers from a disconnect, being less integrated with line-of-business systems than its operational counterparts. Inventory, production, ordering, or accounting work together seamlessly these days. So why not CRM?

For this reason, we’ve started implementing CRM functionality directly into Chase. And we’ll be adding more in the future. You’ll see it in the screens you’re already used to. It’ll be part of your home page. Because customer satisfaction should be everyone’s business – not just Sales or Marketing.

So we hope you enjoy Chase’s new CRM capabilities. It’s a small start but, with your valued feedback, we’ll make it yet another winning tool for your business.

Let’s take a look…

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