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In 1997, The Thomas Group, a US consulting firm, appointed Bob Heckman as their Chief Growth Officer. He lasted 9 months. Apparently, there wasn’t a big need for innovative growth back then.

Recently, the CGO has made a comeback. Especially in the ad industry. In this economy, finding new ways to grow is so critical that a position dedicated to the task is easily justified.

This is especially true as agencies see corporate ad spend being redirected towards online media and Big Data efforts that require a more technical set of skills to manage. And they find themselves having to either acquire or partner with digital marketers who focus on data and systems rather than creativity and communication.

Ad agencies face risks. But they also face great opportunities for growth. Have a look at those digital media platforms and data scientist. How did they grow so quickly? Simple. They automated their systems to the point where minimal human effort is required to produce massive results.

Creativity can’t be automated but the business behind it can. Handing hundreds of small activities off to your computer system – like passing around physical job bags or managing task time – can free you up to focus on growing your business rather than administering it.

So if you’re doing some work and suddenly realise that this task is actually standing in the way of real productivity, ask yourself if it could be automated. Most of the time, the answer is yes.

Then, call your Chase Account Manager and ask them what’s possible. You might be surprised at how much we could take off your hands with Chase.


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