Managing a Big Ad Agency with Chase

Many of our clients control their business using their preferred financial management system. We provide seamless integration to popular packages so you can run yours alongside Chase.

Often over time as you grow from a small shop to a big player, there comes a day when you realise your current financial system’s features or reporting capabilities just isn’t sufficient anymore.

Luckily, we’ve built a very special product at Chase for mid-sized corporates to large global agencies.It has been built to manage complex group financial structures, operations that could stretch across the planet, and market reach that transcends borders, with ad agency specific reporting and a fit for purpose feel.

In this post, we introduce you to Chase for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This version of Chase doesn’t just run alongside Dynamics NAV. It’s built directly into it! That makes Chase for NAV a unique offering that provides the powerful financial and operational functionality large agencies need.

Why did we choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV? Because most large advertising agencies in South Africa already prefer it for their business. Used by over 110,000 companies worldwide, it’s also one of the most popular business management solutions available. And finally, Microsoft’s integrated products are so prevalent in business today, our customers enjoy increased returns on their existing software investment.

So what do you get from Chase for NAV? Here are just a few features:

Integrated financial management. Every feature of Chase is so tightly coupled with NAV’s internals that, from the moment you enter data, it reflects directly in financial transactions and reports. Conversely, many Chase reports are augmented with financial information pulled from NAV.

Extended financial management. NAV extends Chase with greater financial functionality like:
● Foreign currency transactions, reporting and reconciliation
● Automated cost provision, revenue declaration and job closure posting
● Uploading financial data to group reporting systems like Cartesis and HFM
● Electronic funds transfer
● Client revenue forecasting
● Cash flow forecasting
● Built-in BBBEE reporting
● Consolidated debtors and creditors aged analysis reporting
● Electronic journal approvals

Group financial management and reporting. Microsoft NAV provides consolidated financial management and reporting across multiple branches, divisions, companies and countries. You’ll also get deep drill-down capabilities from any level using its advanced analytical tools, like Power BI.

Enterprise operations. Chase for NAV replicates all of Chase’s management functionality using NAV’s built-in programming language, database, reporting facilities, communication tools and more. Chase for NAV includes our production, media planning and BI solutions.

Seamless CRM. NAV integrates fully with Dynamics CRM, providing visibility of previous sales, outstanding orders, and more across both applications. You’ll have complete control of your marketing pipeline, including campaigns, opportunities, leads, order taking and after sales service.

Deep Microsoft Office integrated. Like most Microsoft products, Dynamics works seamlessly with Office. You can, for example, extract analytical information into Excel for slicing and dicing; print professional forms (like invoices and sales orders) from Word templates; or send and view Outlook communications in NAV.

Baked-in mobility. Chase for NAV uses Microsoft’s latest UI, which is mobile-ready and responsive. That means it functions well on devices and adjusts its layout to any screen size. On-the-go mobile workers and managers can tap into NAV at any time from any location to carry out tasks or check on information.

Enterprise-grade security. When you start operating across multiple sites or countries, good security becomes essential. With Chase for NAV you’ll get Microsoft’s enterprise-grade security plus Dynamics NAV’s fine-grained transactional controls, checks and balances, and segregation of duties.

Continuity and Cloud. Microsoft Dynamics offers an amazing risk management feature. You can replicate your SQL server to Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform. So, if for any reason your database crashes, you can immediately switch over to the Azure copy and continue working almost immediately. Then, if you decide you’re ready to move to the Cloud permanently, you can swap your license for Dynamics 365 in the Cloud, connect to your Azure database, and get back to work with minimal delay. And because Chase resides in the NAV database, it’ll be waiting for you the first time you log in online.

And, of course, you’ll get the same purpose-built advertising agency management, productivity and project management tools you’ve enjoyed all along without sacrificing an ounce of functionality. You’ll also continue to receive top support from a company born in the advertising industry.

So if you’re ready to play in the big leagues, Chase is ready for you. We’d advise larger agencies to take a serious look at Chase for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. If you like, we can walk you through the details and provide you with deeper technical information about how it works. Just request a demo from our web site.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV online tours
Take a look at the tours below to see Microsoft Dynamics NAV’s impressive functionality. (Please note that some presentations describe the online version of Dynamics; shown features may not be available in on-premises installations):

Grow sales with Dynamics CRM integration to NAV
Run a more efficient business with Office365 integration to NAV
Bring your data to life with PowerBI integration to NAV
Be productive on any device with NAV
Automate invoicing and reduce data entry with NAV
Engage with customers everywhere
Organise your leads in one place
Convert leads into sales efficiently
Review your sales pipeline anytime

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