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Chase Advertising and Media Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Experience a comprehensive business management solution that helps people work faster and smarter, and gives your business the flexibility to adapt to new opportunities and growth.


The Chase Advertising and Media Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a breakthrough user experience and technology innovations that can simplify access to information, improve organizational agility, streamline integration with a wide range of applications, enhance reporting and maximize your investment in other Microsoft products and technologies.

Key benefits

  • Proven track record
    The Chase Advertising and Media Solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the accounting system of choice for larger advertising agencies, with the bulk of the large agencies in South Africa using Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The product is flexible and the Chase team is focused on delivering features and reports that add value to the agency.
  • Integrated with Chase Production and Chase Media
    The solution includes an existing, stable, seamless and unattended integration. The integration allows reports in Chase, such as the Job Reconciliation Statement, to reflect payment information captured in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
  • Automated cost provision, revenue recognition and job closure posting
    Supplier cost provisions, revenue declarations and job closure transactions are posted automatically keeping the provisions and revenue in your financial system up to date at all times.
  • Save time and reduce errors
    Maintain a single set of client and supplier master data in your financial system. The approval of master files forms part of the workflow in the financial system and will ensure accuracy of data by enforcing a set of user-defined mandatory fields.
  • Access information from various platforms and devices
    With Microsoft Dynamics NAV users are able to access information from a Windows Client, a Web Client supported on Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari on Apple iOS. The new Phone and Tablet application is supported on platforms such as Apple iOS (iPad, iPad Mini as well as iPhone), Android and Windows Mobile.



Key features

  • Flexible Financial and Management Reporting
    The Chase Web Based Financial Management Reporting dashboard allows for rich and flexible financial and management reporting. Share and collaborate with seamless integration to Microsoft Excel.The image below is an example of a report that can be configured and published on the Financial Management Dashboard. The dashboard allows for custom layouts, conditional formatting and controlled access.  It provides a real-time view on your financials on your phone, tablet or desktop without the need for a third-party reporting tool.


  • Automated upload of financial information to Group Reporting Systems
    The automated upload of financial information to Group Reporting Systems such as Cartesis and HFM offers a rich set of features to allow the setup of reporting units, automated adjustments and caters for the extraction of actuals from the General Ledger, information from Budgets, Forecasts, Client Revenue actuals, Client Revenue forecasts as well as Debtors and Creditors age analysis information.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
    Improve controls around payment disbursements by using the built-in vendor bank detail approvals process and automated Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) functionality. The EFT functionality caters for all major banking institutions in South Africa and offers a secure and efficient way of making payments to your suppliers.
  • Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) Reporting
    Maintain supplier BEE information in the system, attach BEE certificates to the supplier master file and generate a BEE Spend Report directly from the system. Use the system to actively manage the expiry of BEE certificates.
  • Client Revenue Forecasting
    Use the Client Revenue Forecasting functionality to generate a Microsoft Excel template with pre-populated information from a previous forecast. Update the information and import the information from Microsoft Excel to create a new forecast and run reports to compare Client Revenue Actuals to Client Revenue Forecasts.
  • Consolidated General Ledger, Debtors and Creditors Age Analysis Reporting
    The Consolidated reporting module allows for G/L Reporting (Actuals, Budgets and Forecasts) on a group level as well as a consolidated view of Debtors and Creditors Age Analysis across different legal entities in the group.
  • Cash Flow Forecasting
    The Cash Flow Forecasting functionality provides a real-time view of the company’s liquidity by including cash receipts, cash disbursements and the liquid funds you have available. The functionality can be configured to automatically include future liabilities such as VAT and Salaries to provide an accurate forecast with little effort. Automatically consolidate Cash Flow information from different companies into a single view to generate a treasury report.
  • Electronic Journal Approvals
    The electronic journal approval functionality can be configured to force users to submit supporting documentation to allow for a full audit trail on journals.
  • Foreign Currency Transactions
    Transact in any number of currencies by producing invoices and credit notes in foreign currencies and have the system automatically convert the values to local currency. The system maintains both a local currency and foreign currency balance on the account with the ability to print an age analysis in either local or foreign currency. A feature is available to revalue outstanding debtors, creditors and foreign currency bank balances.
  • Posting Preview
    Dynamics NAV 2016 allows a user to Preview any posting (journals, documents, matching) to see what the impact will be on the different ledgers without actually posting the transaction. This saves a lot of time as users can reduce errors and eliminate re-capturing of information due to erroneous postings.
  • Copy and Paste information directly from Excel
    Dynamics NAV 2016 allows you to create a journal in Microsoft Excel, copy the lines and paste the information into a journal – it will create the lines as if they were captured in Dynamics NAV.
  • Import Payroll Information
    Importing a journal from your Payroll to save the time of having to capture salaries, wages, medical aid, UIF and other information once you have completed your payroll process.
  • Emailing of Customer Statements and Documents in PDF format
    Documents can be emailed directly from Dynamics NAV either through Microsoft Outlook or using SMTP if Microsoft Outlook is not in use. Statements can be emailed as a single process, in other words, you can select the clients to be included and upon initiating the emailing process, Dynamics NAV will generate Statements in PDF format and start emailing the clients in the list one after the other.
  • Save Report to Excel
    The new Report View in Dynamics NAV 2016 allows you to save any report in PDF, Excel or Word format.

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