Chase Production

Advertising Management System: Let’s face it; managing an advertising agency in today’s environment is not for the faint-hearted. There is an ever-increasing demand for quick turn-around times, sharp costing and high-quality product and service. As a result, there seems to be less and less time for managing the business the way you’d really like to.

What’s needed is a fully integrated, real-time system that manages jobs, time, workflows, archiving and costing with minimum input and maximum efficiency. If that sounds like a dream, it’s not. You are thinking of our Advertising Management System called Chase.

Chase is an ultra-modern suite of modules designed to put you back in control. It’s a system built for advertising agencies by advertising people.

The focus of Chase Software is exclusively advertising and allied markets. The product is predominantly Windows and Web-based as these environments are well known to advertising staff. This helps to “fast forward” the training process.

There is a highly committed development program in place that realizes regular product upgrades. This program is aided by a product architecture that allows us to embrace the new technologies very quickly and easily.

Chase Software is currently used in more than 550 agencies World Wide, including South Africa, Maputo, London, Singapore and Brisbane. Clients include international groups such as Ogilvy, Y&R, Lowe, TBWA, Saatchi & Saatchi and Publicis.