Q&A with Chase Consulting.

This month we’ve looked at how Chase Consulting can help your agency run better. In this post, we’re chatting with Genevieve Theart, our resident business analyst and head of Chase Consulting.

Chase PR: In a nutshell, what do you do for Chase Software’s clients?

GT: Not all our customers use Chase to its full potential and they end up struggling unnecessarily. In many cases, the agency itself lacks proper structure. I help them understand how the system already solves their problems if the right processes and controls are in place.

Chase PR: How do you know when an agency needs help?

GT: I usually pick up who needs assistance when working with Chase account managers, looking over support calls, or simply because I’m familiar with them. Mostly, when I hear someone say “we’re not using Chase to the fullest” or “we’re not getting what we want from Chase”, that’s my cue to dig deeper.

Chase PR: What type of processes or controls do you set up?

GT: We make sure Chase is configured properly, that the workflow system models the agency’s processes accurately, that manual processes are minimized, that approvals and escalations are set up thoroughly, and much more. We also review quality of data input as this affects the accuracy of reporting and therefore decision making.

Chase PR: Has this service been successful in the past?

GT: We’ve had many successes, even with some of our biggest clients. One Chase customer struggled for 2 years because of gaps in their processes before finally agreeing to a consultation. Once they did, their problems basically disappeared.

Chase PR: How do you start off an engagement?

GT: I’ll have an initial meeting with the agency leaders over a cup of coffee to discuss their needs. After they’ve accepted my proposal, we’ll conduct focused workshops. This is the best approach because all stakeholders are present so we can devise solutions very quickly. Typically, I’ll demonstrate how Chase solves their problems so they can see for themselves why there are gaps. Then it’s a matter of implementing the solutions and training staff on the new way of working. We provide the whole plan until utilization of solution agreed upon.

Chase PR: How do you make sure an agency continues to apply these disciplines after you’ve completed the project?

GT: The consultation includes the creation of manuals uniquely designed for that agency, based on the solutions implemented. Staff turnaround can adversely impact an agency’s productivity, so having a consistent manual for new and existing users maintains the continuity of the new processes. We also identify process champions per department who are responsible for ensuring the solution is continually applied and the agency gets ongoing value from their efforts.

Are you struggling with gaps in your agency operational processes or controls? You don’t have to. Contact Genevieve at genevieve@chasesoftware.co.za to see if Chase Consulting can help.

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