Question: Why is it important to use a Standard Filter?

Answer: Running a report with a Standard Filter gives you the following advantages:

  • Less data to search through. Standard Filters let you select just the information you need so you won’t have to search through a lot of data that isn’t relevant to you when reading your report.
  • Less time waiting for reports. The more data Chase has to return from its database, the longer it takes to extract the details. Standard Filters let you spend less time waiting and more time working with specific data.
  • Less disruption to others. The more data Chase has to get for a report, the less time it has to services requests from other users. Big reports may slow the system down considerably. By using Standard Filters, you not only get your reports sooner but others won’t be held back from working.


So whenever possible, use Standard Filters to restrict the size of your reports. The more filters you use, the better Chase can help you.


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