Resource Availability Filter

The Resource Availability Filter is our a Chase Traffic tool that can be enormously useful to Traffic Managers.

Often, Traffic Managers want to assign a resource to a task but don’t know if that employee is currently available and, if not, when they’ll be available in the future. That’s been a point of frustration for production users so it’s become a priority for us to improve that functionality.
From now on, Traffic Managers will be able to see exactly which employees are available, for how long and – once their current availability expires – when next they’ll be free to take on more work.

Notice in the screen shot below that we’ve added a drop arrow to the employee assignment field on the selected task line. Click the arrow and a list of available employees appears. Each line shows the employee name, their short name, and the number of hours for which they are currently available to take on new work. The last piece of data shows the date on which they will next become available once their current availability passes.

You can further filter your results by using the search shortcut to see only resources in a specific department and/or designation that have the required capacity to carry out the task you want to assign. As you can see, Traffic Managers will now know for certain that they’ve chosen a user with sufficient capacity to complete the work in good time without creating conflicts in their current work load.


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