Small Agencies

In 2015 we started capturing financial documents and exporting to Pastel. This has made tracking our finances so accessible; we are able to draw various reports with whatever detail we require at the touch of a button, without having to involve our Accountants. For a small business, access to finances in detail can make all the difference to cashflow.Sheryl Steyn Inspiration Advertising (January 2016)

From the day we started with the Timesheet module, Chase staff have been extremely supportive and sorted out any issues without delay. So the transition was smooth and painless.
Chase Timesheets has been very beneficial when billing. It also makes our lives much easier when pulling reports. We can, at the click of a button, see how long we’ve spent on each job and make sure we’re on schedule to meet our clients’ deadlines.Shaneen Barnes Hamilton’s Advertising (January 2016)

Since using Chase we have been able to effectively measure how our resources perform with respect to the bottom line, giving us valuable insight into managing financial and operational requirements.Carla Kelly, MDMilk is Good (February 2016)