Sticking to the Fundamentals.

Out the mouth of our CEO: Jamie Peers

It’s prediction time again – that time of the year when we are inundated with articles, blogs and emails. There’s a lot of hype about the new fads, what’s the next ‘step change’ in the market and which tech will revolutionise the industry.

Personally, I find these types of articles increasingly challenging to read. I know this following statement is fairly bold in and of its own right, but I don’t believe that the delivery of tech has kept pace with the marketing of tech or the expectations of tech.

It seems as though we’ve become a little bit carried away with the marketing of tech and forgotten that it ultimately has to be executed and delivered. There are so many new buzzwords and fads but just as they are about to be actualised, the next fad is upon us.

You may disagree and think I’m myopic, the tech scene is moving forward quickly but are our expectations not outstripping the delivery. So my thoughts on this are more a matter of not getting caught in the hype as we experience the deluge of articles surrounding new things that will ‘move the industry forward’.

Keep it real, focus on delivering work that will make your client’s lives better and easier. Focus on delivering work that improves your business. Integrate concepts which are ‘old fads’. Keep to the fundamentals of your business, this tends to deliver better results for both your own purposes and your clients.

2019 will certainly see many game changers and enormous advancements in a wide range of technologies, pushing once-novel innovations into our work and personal lives. This includes Chase Software; we are sticking to the fundamentals and progressing as quickly as we can to make this a memorable year.