Consistency is the cornerstone of success.

31 October 2018

Establishing consistency in today’s ever changing workplace is highly challenging, but it certainly has its benefits. Ever-changing work expectations, opposing business decisions and erratic supervision cause instability and doubt whilst consistency helps employees feel secure about their work and responsibilities. Without a consistent work environment, they’ll always be second-guessing their decisions. Consistency improves productivity, it […]


How to measure Software Development Productivity.

28 September 2018

Long hours and millions of lines of code are not always good indicators on how productive a development team is, especially if they’re working on complex projects. So how does one measure software development productivity ? AndPlus operations director Jonathan Roger sums it up well: “Software team productivity is an inherently difficult thing to put […]


6 Signs You Need Agency Project Software

11 August 2016

You know it’s time to invest in agency project software when you find yourself unable to answer basic questions about what’s going on inside your advertising agency or ad department. Here are some points you might be scratching your head over: What did clients ask for? If you can no longer keep track of all […]