To New beginnings!

Jamie Peers

I’m sure like many people, I feel a bit like 2014 was so quick and such a blur that it’s railroaded straight into 2015! We’ve got off to a frenetic pace already, and it’s teed up to be a thrilling 12 months for us. My hope and wish is that 2015 will prove successful for you and your business. May it be a crackerjack year all round.

We’re proud to announce the opening of Chase East Africa, headquartered in Nairobi. The office has employed its first permanent staff member in Kenya, signed up several clients, and promises to grow exponentially onwards. It’s both an exciting and frightening move for us. From humble beginnings as a “back-of-the-garage” startup to having offices in 3 cities…whew, what a trip! Our heartfelt gratitude to you for coming on this journey with us.

We’ll be continuing with our drive to make outstanding service delivery and value-added support a standard feature of the Chase Advertising Management System.

We’ll also be focusing on taking your productivity and competitiveness to new levels. That means delivering innovative features into Chase like never before. Watch out for many more new and inventive changes to the software as we progress the ability of the Chase system to run your business.

We’ll accomplish both these goals through our Account Managers, the mediators between your business requirements and our development team’s creativity. Throughout the process, your voice will be the most important component, so I’d like to encourage you to communicate your needs to us whenever possible.

As always, my door is open, my phone is on and my Internet connection is at full strength. Please don’t hesitate to alert me to your concerns if you feel our system or approach isn’t giving you what you want. I’m here to make sure our new service model delivers.

Keep Chasing your goals.

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