Our Values

Chase is a family. Always has been. Always will be.

Like a family, we embrace values that define our identity, our common purpose, and our community spirit.

And we measure our contribution to the world against them every day.


Strive for Excellence

Do something right from the start. Do it even better tomorrow. That’s how we roll. Because when we excel in our work, it instils in us a sense of pride. In our product, our people and our service. And pride inspires us to strive even harder come sunrise.

Be Connected

What we achieve is the result of teamwork. So we’ve built a strong family spirit based on trust, friendship and frankness. We work together and play together. It shows in the quality products we create and the superior services we offer.

Remember to “GAS”

It’s the secret code phrase every Chaser uses to center themselves on our purpose, uttered only within our walls. Because to work conscientiously, we really do need to give a damn about why we’re here and the consequences of what we do today.

Stay Loyal

You get what you give. So we build loyalty by showing it. To our customers, our staff and our principles. As a result, we’re blessed with clients who are raving fans,  Chasers who stay with us for the long haul, and strong business growth.

Share our Values

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