Jamie’s Note!

What is quality?

The broad ISO definition is “The totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.” Note the word “totality”.

Quality isn’t easily isolated. It’s not just the materials used or the functionality, the design or the price.

It’s all these things and more brought together as a harmonious whole. It’s their synergy – the outcome of their combined effort rather than their individual parts – that make the end product stand out. All the pieces just blend and work well together.

There’s a reason for this. Quality is almost always the result of a team that connects with each other in imagining their customer’s total experience when using the finished product or service. And they direct their individual efforts accordingly.

Ultimately, quality is not just about creating products or services that meet needs. It’s about the compound pursuit of excellence while doing so.

It’s our belief at Chase that in order to make a quality product or service, we need employees with great talent. But they must have something more. Whether they’re designing, building, supporting or managing, they must be able to synergize to achieve the greatest outcome. Pursuing excellence as part of a team is what makes a Chaser a Chaser. And it’s how we maintain Chase’s level of quality.

So in this issue, we’ll be introducing you to our newest Chasers who made the grade and those who, because of their passion for excellence, have been promoted to higher positions where they can do the most good.

Let’s Cut to the Chase.


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