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Nexus  Media

When it comes to media planning and buying, Nexus Media does it all with maximum efficiency, delivering the most modern and comprehensive set of tools available for running a media agency.

Chase Nexus Media is backed by customer-focused support, a driving passion for excellence, and constantly evolving features designed for the needs of the changing advertising Industry.

Why Nexus Media?

Chase Software has actively developed systems for media agencies since 2002. As we've evolved, we’ve created processes suited to managing the complexity inherent in media planning and buying, while effortlessly scaling with high volumes. Our software also accurately performs the complex calculations demanded by client and supplier deal structures.


Chase Nexus Media is the latest iteration of our work. It gives your agency cutting edge media buying, planning and financial tools. They allow for rapid loading of media placements, automatic copy instruction or flighting instruction, revision management and more, all from a simple-to-use interface.


The system also offers multiple entities to accommodate the representation of groups, divisions, branches or other business units.


Take a look inside 

Chase Nexus Media Dashboard
Cient Approval Requests
Editing Client Info
Placement Amendments

Great features to look out for in Chase Nexus Media

Being able to function effectively and efficiently as possible is a must, and it’s a ‘must’ we successfully deliver on. Below you will find just a fraction of what Chase Nexus Media is capable of achieving with its state of the art features!

searching and filtering

Find the exact item you’re looking for effortlessly across all business units  or find matching records using focused filtering and sorting directly inside data grids.

approval worflow 

Implement strong corporate governance and accelerated performance through rapid approval processes that promote efficient authorization of work.

responsive design 

Access Chase Nexus Media from any device, be it desktop, tablet or smartphone. Now you can work from any location to close deals faster.

dynamic reporting

Simple, straightforward reporting with built-in export to Excel or PDF formats for easier analysis and sharing through any platform of your choosing, safely.

Are you managing a media business? 

Chase Nexus Media will help you run your business faster and smarter than ever before.

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