Meet the team

Founder-led for over 20 years, the Chase leadership team have shown what it takes to deliver consistent quality to our clients. Their dedication to product perfection and client satisfaction has served as the foundation for successful business. Feel free to connect with us below, we're always happy to help.


Alan Borain

CEO and Co-founder

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In 1994, after owning several successful advertising agencies, Alan developed a system to help companies overcome the same frustrations he had faced. With ongoing development, that became the Chase Production system trusted globally today. 

Peter Joughin

Peter Joughin

Director and Co-founder

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 Together with Alan Borain, Peter started Chase Software in 1999. He was responsible for all Chase Production software development and has been integral to the development of Chase Insight, the business intelligence platform for Chase.


Wiechardt Brummer

Chief Technology Officer

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Wiechardt is a technology strategist, a problem solver with a can-do attitude. His customer-focused approach and attention to detail inspires the team to create products that people love to use.

Celeste van Rooyen

Financial Manager

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Celeste leads the charge when it comes to all things accounting. Always happy to help, as well as share some of her amazing baking recipes and gardening tips. 

Chase Software About us


Meet the dynamic management team behind one of the hottest properties in advertising today. You’ll run well because we run well.


Kyle Saffy

Chief Projects Officer

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Kyle is the man who ensures projects are completed on time every time to  the highest standard. He's great at time management and making sure every client gets what they need.


Shaun Bingham

Chief Operating Officer

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Shaun’s our resident go-to guy. Not only is he great on the golf course but he can make just about anything happen in Chase. 

Rupesh Khusal

Rupesh Khusal

Chief Support Officer

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Rupesh is the man who ensures the total customer experience is of the highest standard. He really knows how to engage and empathise with clients, and is a pro at resolving complex issues.


Lloyd Etherington

UK Director

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Based in London, Lloyd is responsible for driving sales growth and managing key projects across Europe and the USA with experience covering all corners of Chase systems.