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An all-in-one creative agency solution, covering jobs, tasks, costing resource management and approval workflows in a collaborative and structured environment.

Chase Production

Chase Production

Key benefits of using Chase Production

Quote, project, brief and much more. All of this allows for complete control in one central system.


With notifications and reminders, Chase production allows for a complete digital process. 


In-depth reporting of time, job and client reconciliation, profitability by client and much more,



Microsoft Teams, Outlook calendar integration, timesheet automation and accounting systems.

Smart linking that allows a complete remote working environment from

wherever you are.




Chase Production is modelled on the practices of top-performing advertising agencies.


All of this is complemented by workflow management and collaboration to ensure agencies have all the necessary tools to execute jobs effectively and profitably.

Chase Production offers a full array of operations management tools covering briefing, estimates, orders, tasking, resource management and billing.

Take a look inside...
Chase Home
Job Bag
Capacity Planning
Cost Management
All Tasks
Detailed Cost Breakdown
Unbilled CEs
Billing Instructions
CRM Lead Management
Business Intelligence & Reporting

Choose the license that suits your role best

Favourite features to look out for in Chase Production

Being able to function both remotely and through collaborative applications are now essential to all businesses, and it’s something we successfully deliver on. Below you will find just a fraction of what Chase Production is capable of achieving with its state of the art features!

Production integration

Resource Management

Our resource planner is built in such a way that it integrates to the user’s diary, making planning and coordinating time a breeze.

Microsoft Integration

Chase is accessible through Microsoft Teams. You’ll be able to service the entire job life cycle while staying in touch with colleagues. Link back to the job for easy access.

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